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10:50 7.11.2011

Mogilyov: Go away! (Photos)

Activists of "European Belarus" from Mogilyov have demanded the resignation of the dictator.

22:10 31.10.2011

Act of solidarity in Minsk (Video) (1)

Activists of "European Belarus" have put up posters with the words "Sannikov is our president" and "Time to change the bald tyre", as well as pictures of political prisoners, in the centre of Minsk.

16:49 28.09.2011

Everyone - come to the People's Assembly! (Photos) (1)

Activists of "European Belarus" are continuing to disseminate information about the People's Assembly.

12:54 25.09.2011

Belarusians at "Nations Fair" in Vilnius

For three days, from 23 to 25 September in Vilnius, a Belarusian pavilion is at work, organized by the restaurant "Marceliukės Klėtis", the civil campaign "European Belarus", the European Humanities University and the "House of United Belarus in Lithuania."

12:15 19.07.2011

SHOS! (May he breathe his last!) Photos

Today, during the night, activists of "European Belarus" wrote ten graffiti marked "SHOS" in Minsk.

12:41 17.05.2011

Day of Solidarity in Vilnius (Photos) (2)

Activists of "European Belarus", together with those of Vladimir Neklyaeva's team and of the Belarusian Bureau of Civil and Political Representation held a rally of solidarity with Belarusian political prisoners in Vilnius.

11:56 17.05.2011

The residents of Minsk are reminded about political prisoners (Photos)

Activists of "European Belarus" have given out information booklets in the centre of Minsk.

20:05 8.05.2011

"European Belarus" at Europe Days in Vilnius (Photos) (4)

This year, for the first time in the history of the festival, our country was represented amongst the member countries of the E.U.

19:30 8.05.2011

Act of remembrance held in Minsk (Photos) (2)

On 7 May activists of the civil campaign "European Belarus", together with the youth movement of "Independent Belarus", held another rally in memory of Yurii Zakharenko.

10:16 8.05.2011

We remember (Photos)

On 7 May, the anniversary of the disappearance of General Yurii Zakharenko, activists of "European Belarus" carried out an action in his remembrance.

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