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18:19 23.04.2011

“Lukonomics” is dedicated (photos) (4)

Today, activists of the civil campaign "European Belarus" held a rally in the central market of Brest town. Activists distributed to market visitors so-called "Pri…llions" money. People reacted to this with great amusement. Many even took the leaflets in complete piles, for the whole family.

20:44 19.04.2011

Brest: "Sannikov is my president!" (Photo)

Brest activists of "European Belarus" are continuing their actions within the campaign "Sannikov is my president!"

13:54 17.04.2011

Act of mourning near the Red Church (Photos)

On 16 April activists of the civil campaign "European Belarus" held a act of solidarity near the Red Church.

8:58 14.04.2011

The campaign "Stop petrol 2" is put off to 28 April

"We believe that today we must concentrate on supporting the victims of the explosion and their families, and not to carry out an act of protest at this difficult time".

13:49 11.04.2011

“Boycott of the dictatorship!” banner in the centre of Minsk (Photos) (5)

On 10 April activists of "European Belarus" hung out a banner in Minsk with a call to boycott the dictatorship.

12:38 10.04.2011

Mensk: “Sannikov is our president” (Photo) (3)

In Mensk activists of the civil campaign “European Belarus” stuck up posters with the words, “Sannikov is our president”. The activists worked in the most crowded places; posters were also put up in front of “Belteleradio Company” (the state broadcasting building).

16:19 7.04.2011

Rechitsa: “Sannikov is our president” (Photo) (1)

In Rechitsa, democratic activists have stuck up posters with the words, “Sannikov is our president”.

22:00 2.04.2011

Posters in Brest on April Fool’s Day (1)

On 1 April Brest activists of "European Belarus" greeted the “chief guarantor” on April Fool’s Day.

2:08 1.04.2011

SHOS Gomel – 4 (Photos) (3)

Activists of the civil campaign “European Belarus” are continuing the protest “SHOS”*. In the town of Gomel, “SHOS”* posters appeared at public transport stops, on lampposts and on walls, amongst advertisements; there were also pictures of political prisoners and stickers with the logo of “European Belarus”. * Note to readers: “SHOS” is an acronym meaning “May he breathe his last”

12:38 30.03.2011

Dogs of the Dictator (Photos)

Photographs of accomplices of Lukashenko’s regime – the public prosecutors Molodtsova and Zagorovskii - have been posted on the public transport system of Minsk by activists of the opposition.

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