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20:59 29.03.2011

100 days of shock (Photos) (1)

Today, activists of the civil campaign “European Belarus” took part in a rally in Warsaw, organised by the information bureau “Solidarity with Democratic Belarus” and the organisation “Belarusian National Memory”. The rally was devoted to the (first) 100 days of the new presidential term.

23:26 25.03.2011

You won’t stop us! (1)

Activists of the civil campaign “European Belarus”, despite the blocking of Yakub Kolas Square and Yanks Kupala Park, were able to carry out a symbolic act in Minsk

17:52 25.03.2011

The struggle continues (Online report, photo, video)

Today an opposition rally is taking place in Minsk, coinciding with Freedom Day

10:43 21.03.2011

Freedom Day – Let’s go to Yakub Kolas Square (Photos)

Hundreds of leaflets with a call to mark “Freedom Day” on Yakub Kolas Square were distributed by activists of "European Belarus" during the last two weeks.

1:51 17.03.2011

Acts of solidarity continue (Photos)

Activists of the civil campaign “European Belarus” today held yet another act of solidarity, demanding the release of political prisoners and an end to persecution for political reasons.

1:22 17.03.2011

Posters of political prisoners prisoners on the streets of Minsk (Photos)

Posters of Andrei Sannikov, Dmitri Bondarenko, Alexander Otroshchenkov, Pavel Severinets and other prisoners of the KGB have appeared on the streets of Minsk.

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