Topic: Press Review

22:27 20.04.2012

A Tale of Two Brave Men

Why Belarusian Dissidents Still Need Europe’s Help.

19:27 19.04.2012

Bratislava: Belarus Action 2012 (FOTO)

Civic Association Ad hoc has cooperated with JEF Slovakia on the organization of Belarus Action 2012 that was organized on 4 April 2012.

17:23 6.11.2011

In Warsaw, it has been shown how Lukashenka "won the elections" (Photos)

On the evening of 4 November near Centrum metro station in Warsaw, a rally took place in support of Belarusian political prisoners.

21:32 26.10.2011

Act of solidarity at the railway station and on the metro (Photos)

An act of solidarity also took place at the railway station on 26 October.

18:26 26.10.2011

The rally of solidarity on October Square ended with people being arrested (Photos, video)

Sergei Lyskov, Nikita Kovalenko and Aleksandr Velitchenko, activists of "European Belarus", have been detained.

13:01 26.10.2011

Today there will be another rally on October Square

"Despite the arrests of activists, the rallies of solidarity will continue. Today we are going again on to October Square to demand the release of political prisoners.

11:44 25.10.2011

Relatives of political prisoners call for a new rally of solidarity

Today, they again intend to go out on to October Square.

18:33 24.10.2011

Aleksandr Tarnagurskii has been fined 145 000 Belarusian rubles

Dzerzhinsii District Court has today sentenced the activist of "European Belarus" to a fine of 5 basic units.

18:04 24.10.2011

Rally of solidarity in Minsk (Online, photos)

Today in Minsk on October Square there was an rally of solidarity with political prisoners.