NATO membership is the only security option for free Belarus after the war

A collection of articles on the topic of security in the region was officially presented in Warsaw.

BELARUS IN NATO. That is the title of the compilation of articles on the topic of the security in the region. The book was officially launched in Warsaw on February 27, 2024.

The articles were compiled and edited by the leader of the Civil Campaign «Euroepan Belarus» Andrei Sannikov. The PDF copy of the book is linked below.

In the foreword to the book Andrei Sannikov writes:

– After the war that Russia unleashed on Ukraine the architecture of European and, in fact of transatlantic security is changing. European countries, especially in its Eastern part are already seriously reviewing their security postures to adjust to the new or renewed challenges, including the war, to secure stable peace on the continent and in the world.
Special role in this review and rethinking process belongs to «grey zones».

Belarus is one of them and a very important one. Being occupied by the dictatorial regime of Lukashenko who made the country completely dependent on Russia, it provided a spring board for the Russian attack on Ukraine.

At the same time the mass protests in 2020 against the rule of Lukashenko demonstrated to the world that Belarus will not tolerate this regime and it’ only a matter of time before it collapses.
It looks like the only security option for a free Belarus after the war is joining NATO as soon as possible.

The purpose of this project is to look not only into possibilities but also to into practical aspects of a future Belarus membership in NATO, to review the advantages and possible obstacles on this path.

Set of articles of distinguished authors who have unique experience and insight on the security issues in the region and on their respective countries, provides a view on the matter from different angles.

Belarus is bordering Russia from one side and countries that are members of NATO and Ukraine that made it its Constitutional goal to become a member.

As history shows there is no security that could come from the eastern neighbor of Belarus. On the contrary, for centuries Russia has been a source of insecurity and a threat for the independence and the mere existence of Belarus.

Baltic neighbors of Belarus and Poland opted for NATO security and joined the Alliance as soon as it became possible. Their experience and their guidance is valuable for the discussion on the topic.

The authors of the articles indicate difficulties that Belarus encounters today and that it will encounter when accessing NATO. At the same time the indisputable advantages for the security of Belarus and European security are stressed.

A new security architecture based on the collective political and military capabilities of European countries is a condition sine qua non for prosperous and peaceful Europe and Belarus must be part of such Europe.

The PDF copy of the book:

Belarus In NATO – EN (PDF)

Беларусь у НАТА — BEL (PDF)

Беларусь в НАТО — RU (PDF)

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