It’s Time to demonstrate power

The nature of the “election” and their result is quite clear today. The number of only 0.07% of democrats out of the total number of precinct commissions’ members vividly demonstrate that the regime is not going to lose control over the chief element of the elections: votes’ count. At the same time opposition representatives make about 40% of the total number of candidates to deputies, the leader of the civil campaign “European Belarus” Andrei Sannikov writes.

In reality 10 political prisoners remain in Belarus

In reality, there are 1o more political prisoners left in Belarus.”Restriction of freedom” for persons on trial at “the Process of Fourteen” is a very strict measure of restrain. On August 20 due to pressure of the Belarusian opposition and international community political prisoners Syarhei Parsyukevich and Andrei Kim were released. Despite of the fact that accusations had been obviously falsified, and verdicts were unjust, like in the case of Alyaksandr Kazulin, they were released by a presidential decree of pardon, not by a decision of judiciary establishments.

Opposition has key to privatisation

After the explosion in Minsk, the regime uses this tragedy for arrests of activists of the democratic movement of Belarus instead of searching for criminals. An unprecedented campaign on pressing the opposition and the civil society is carried out today. Organising pressing by the financial police of the State Control Committee, the authorities try to discredit the leaders of the democratic forces, human rights activists, journalists, regional opposition activists.

Andrei Sannikov: It’s treachery of Solidarity movements’ ideals

“There isn’t much new in the position of Polish diplomacy. For a long time a line to recognition of the Lukashenka’s regime has been pursued confidentially, but today it was likely to be decided to avow it. If information about new Poland’s approaches towards the situation in Belarus is true, it can’t be named other than treachery of the Solidarity movement’s ideals,” Andrei Sannikov, international coordinator of Charter’97, one of the leaders of the “European Belarus” civil campaign, said.

Andrei Sannikov: “Looks like Lukashenka doesn’t hope to endure to the end of this year”

“It is strange that three years before the presidential election Lukashenka is speaking about some further new terms. It looks like he does not expect to endure till the end of this year at least,” told the international coordinator of the Cahrter’97 Andrei Sannikov, a member of the organizing committee of the civil campaign “European Belarus”, commenting on statements of Lukashenka to run for another presidential term.