Human rights watchdogs: More than 100 participants detained during demonstration in Minsk

As the Charter’97 press-center was informed by human rights activists, during the brutal disband by riot policemen of the protest dedicated to celebration of the 90th anniversary of the Belarusian National Republic, more than 100 persons were detained in Minsk.

Near Yakub Kolas Square and Victory Square riot policemen divided people into small groups, and brutally beating up, packed them into buses. Near the place where buses were standing, jackets, scarves, gloves and broken flag poles were left. When people were shoved into paddy wagons, they were beaten up, no matter what their gender or age was. Elderly women and girls were beaten up as well. They were crying for help and weeping. Young people were those who had been battered most, especially those who had white-red-white flags and flags of the European Union. Riot policemen with extraordinary fury were breaking flags poles and trampling national and European flags.