Andrei Sannikov: “Ghost of Munich-1938 seen behind Solana’s visit to Belarus”

“Lukashenka was deceiving Europe by his vain promises, and he is going to continue doing so,” stated one of the leaders of the Belarusian opposition Andrei Sannikov.

“Javier Solana is an experienced, competent diplomat, politician and international official. He knows the Belarusian situation very well; he made statements on gross violations of human rights and absence of democracy in Belarus. He is not an accidental visitor, who arrived to Minsk, and admiring clean streets of the city, made statements about blooming of democracy in Belarus. The EU High Representative arrived to Minsk for meeting with the last dictator of Europe, being fully aware where he is going and what he is going to do,” the leader of the civil campaign “European Belarus” Andrei Sannikov is convinced.

That is why the visit of the EU High Representative for the Common Foreign and Security Policy should be evaluated according to the highest requirements, the politician is convinced.

“Solana has arrived to meet with Lukashenka and to come to certain agreements with the current regime. These agreements have nothing in common with democracy or respect of human rights. Their aim is not to improve the situation in Belarus either. They are aimed at recognition of dictator’s actions and forming relations of the official Minsk with European officials and businessmen. Lukashenka was deceiving Europe by his vain promises, and he is going to continue doing so, but his possibilities of doing that in Europe have grown considerably thanks to Solana,” Sannikov said.

The leader of the “European Belarus” reminded that the first Lukashenka’s contact with Solana was on the phone on September 24 last year when the EU High Representative stated on behalf of the EU that carrying out the so-called election in Belarus is to become a criterion of the future relations of Belarus with Europe.

“We know perfectly well what followed after that. Lukashenka took the phone talk with Solana as a favourable sign and backing of his policies. One can suppose what will follow after the meeting of Lukashenka with the European official in person.

A ghost of Munich-1938 is clearly seen behind Solana’s visit. Then Chamberlain, the British Prime Minister, joyfully announced in London after signing agreements with Hitler and Mussolini: “I brought you peace!” Today these agreements are called “Munich conspiracy” and the “black mark” in the history of Europe. The high rank European official has arrived to Belarus despite of the fact that the initial precondition of the EU for contacts with the Belarusian regime, absence of political prisoners and political repressions, hasn’t been fulfilled by Lukashenka.

Solana’s visit demonstrates that not only Belarus, but Europe is in need of changes, and that the policies of the past won’t bring any result. Belarus is to become European and democratic country no matter how Lukashenka’s regime and some European officials would oppose it. Solanas and lukashenkas will go away, and Europe and Belarus are here to stay,” Andrei Sannikov said.