100 European cities against dictatorship in Belarus

On March 18 street actions against Lukashenka’s dictatorship are to take place in many cities of the world.

The events are timed to the anniversary Lukashenka’s election victory in 2006 not recognized by the international community. The protest is organized by Brussels-based international political non-governmental organisation the JEF-Europe (Young European Federalists) and their partners.

Organisers of the actions explain that it is dedicated specifically to Belarus, the last dictatorship in Europe. In more than 100 cities people are to protest against the unjust regime and demand the struggle against dictatorships to become one of the priorities in the foreign policy of the European Union.

“On 18 March 2009 European youth will remind our leaders and civil society that Europe is not a dictatorship-free continent,” the JEF-Europe stresses.

They underline that the Belarusian dictatorship exists for 15 years, but the EU hasn’t had clear policy towards the situation in belarus.

“Brussels must make it clear that freedom of the press and NGOs and above all respect for human rights, especially with regard to the opposition, are prerequisites for any EU gains and EU entry for Belarus officials”, Toni Giugliano, Action Co-ordinator wrote.

The cities where the action will take place include not only European ones (Brussels; Prague, Copenhagen, Paris, Helsinki, Berlin, Warsaw, Geneva, Stockholm, London, Kyiv, Petersburg, Riga) but also Dubai, New York, Pretoria… as for Belarus, it is said in the statement that the action will take place here, but its place is not disclosed because of security reasons.