Members of the “Young Front” demand the release of Dmitri Dashkevich

Posters with information about the imprisoned leader of the unregistered organization "Young Front", Dmitri Dashkevich, appeared at the weekend in various districts of Minsk.

On 15 February, the leader Dmitri Dashkevich began to acquaint himself with the materials of the criminal case against him.

Dmitri Dashkevich was detained on 17 December, two days before the presidential elections, accused of aggravated hooliganism.

Dashkevich was charged with aggravated hooliganism; allegedly along with the ‘Young Front” member Edward Lobavy he attacked and beat two residents of Minsk.

Graffiti calling for the release of political prisoners appeared last week in Djodino.

The writing on the walls said: “SHOS” (Note to readers: this roughly means “May he breathe his last!” – referring to Lukashenko), “Freedom from the regime of Lukashenko!”, “Belarusian democracy = AMAP” (Note for readers: means “special security forces”) and “Freedom for political prisoners!”

Through writing on walls young people seek to highlight the problems of politically-motivated mass arrests and repression of dissent, the press service of the “Young Front” reports.