Andrei Sannikov has severe pains in his joints

The mother of the leader of the "European Belarus" and presidential candidate, Andrei Sannikov, has received a letter from him from the KGB prison.

We remind you that in recent weeks, it has been forbidden to pass on the usual range of food items to Andrei Sannikov in prison; only lean cottage cheese and cooked sausage have been allowed. As a result of that fact, the mother of the political prisoner suspects that her son has serious problems with the stomach or liver. However, in the KGB detention center they refused to provide information about the health of the presidential candidate.

Yesterday Alla Sannikova received from her son a letter in which, as far as prison censorship allows, he talked about his health.

“Andrei wrote that he had understood that they had not taken the (food) package from me and I had panicked. He wrote: ‘Do not worry, maybe it’s even to my benefit.’ He has severe pain in his joints similar to gout. I think that this is the result of beatings and cold in the cell. What else did he write? That sometimes it seems that everything that is happening is a dream, and it be better would be better if it were a dream. He sends greetings to everyone and writes that he is remembering them,” said the mother of Andrei Sannikov to the site

Today Alla Sannikova passed on to her son in the KGB jail medication and the permitted dietary foods.

The mother of the political prisoner is seeking a meeting with her son. For the moment her request for a meeting has been redirected from the Preliminary investigation department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs to the Investigation Department of the KGB.

We remind you that in addition to these health problems, acquired in the detention center, Andrei Sannikov has a badly damaged leg. He was arrested after a brutal beating on Independence Square.