100 days of shock (Photos)

Today, activists of the civil campaign “European Belarus” took part in a rally in Warsaw, organised by the information bureau “Solidarity with Democratic Belarus” and the organisation “Belarusian National Memory”. The rally was devoted to the (first) 100 days of the new presidential term.

The aim of the rally was to draw the attention of Polish society to the situation in Belarus, including the help of Polish media invited to the event. And today, on this tragic date, activists reminded Europe about Belarus and how the terrible 100 days had changed things for the worse.

In the centre of the Polish capital on Castle Square protesters created a kind of wall out of large banner-photographs depicting the events of 19 December. Passers-by and people watching were given the information booklets with photos of political prisoners and their names.

The rally was supported by the representatives of Belarusian Diaspora in Poland.