Dmitrii Bondarenko has finished reading about his case.

A coordinator of “European Belarus”, Dmitrii Bondarenko, has finished acquainting himself with the materials of his criminal case.

Dmitrii read the two volumes of the criminal case in a day and a half. Olga Bondarenko, the wife of the political prisoner, informed of this fact.

Today the lawyer was able to hand over to the politician’s wife the personal possessions taken at the time of the arrest.

The case of Dmitrii Bondarenko will be considered separately, probably during the end of April or early May.

We remind you that on 4 April the coordinator of “European Belarus” was charged with a new, less serious crime under Part One of Article 342 (organisation and preparation of actions breaching public order, or active participation in them). Previously he had been charged with the organisation of so-called mass disorders.

Dmitrii Bondarenko was arrested at his home on the morning of 20 December following a crackdown of the peaceful protest against the falsification of election results.