Darya Korsak is not allowed to meet with her husband

Darya Korsak, the wife of political prisoner Aleksandr Otroshchenkov, who was sentenced by a "puppet" court to 4 years in jail, has been unable to meet with her husband.

On the Saturday before Easter, Dasha went to the prison for a short meeting. The court had issued her a document for a meeting with her husband. However, the prison administration refused to allow the meeting, without an explanation. “They said that a court order for them means nothing, and that I should come after 16 August,” said Darya.

We remind you that Aleksandr Otroshchenkov, the press secretary of presidential candidate Andrei Sannikov, was found guilty of involvement of so-called “mass disorders” in a court case on 2 March 2011 and was sentenced to 4 years of imprisonment, to be served in a “strict regime” prison. In fact, Aleksandr was blamed for the fact that he stood and watched whilst present in his capacity as a journalist at the scene of the events on 19 December. No other evidence of the participation of Otroshchenkov in the “mass disorders” was presented.

You can write a letter to Alexander Otroshchenkov: Otroshchenkov A.S., Section 7, IR-3, pos. Vitba, Vitebskii Region, Vitebskaya Oblast, 211300