Andrei Sannikov felt ill in court

However, the judge refused to grant an application that the presidential candidate should receive medical care.

The trial of the presidential candidate, already in its eighth day, has been running from early morning until late evening. The defendants have been obliged to sit in a stuffy room for 8-10 hours, breaks in the sessions are very short, and they do not have time for lunch.

Today towards the evening Andrei Sannikov said that he needed medical assistance; his gout had become worse. The politician also said that he had asked for specialized medical care before, but his request had not been granted. In the KGB jail, only a paramedic examines the prisoners and his qualifications are insufficient for him to render help.

The lawyers asked that an earlier motion by Sannikov asking for medical care be attached to the case . However, the representative for the prosecution was against this. Judge Natalya Chetvertkova did not endorse the application.

We remind you that before being arrested on 19 December, Andrei Sannikov was severely beaten by security forces. He was taken to the KGB jail with broken legs. In prison, he suffered from the worsening of a number of chronic diseases.