Is it already forbidden for three people to meet?

Viktor Kalesnik, Evgenii Parchinskii and Ilya Bogdanov, activists of “European Belarus”, met in Novopolotsk near a newspaper kiosk in Molodejnaya Street and were detained.

A few minutes later, a police patrol came up to the activists, and all three of them were taken to a police station, “Radio Svaboda” reports.

The detention happened at about 19:00 in the evening. According to Viktor Kalesnik, it was in the latter part of the same day when many leaflets with pictures of political prisoners appeared in Novopolotsk.

In the city police department, the activists were required to give written explanations concerning what they had been doing for the last few hours. Ilya Bogdanov and Evgennii Parchinskii were allowed home three hours later. Viktor Kalesnik was detained in the police station for about four hours.

As Evgenii Parchinskii has informed us, no police reports about any offence concerning any of the activists have been compiled.