Sannikov: My criminal case is a sign of the fear of the authorities prior to inevitable changes

The candidate for the Belarusian presidency, currently accused in the case of organizing riots on 19 December 2010 in Minsk, thinks that the criminal case against him indicates the fear of the authorities before the coming changes.

“I’m not going to analyse the absurdity of the charge. The court case is contrived and groundless. The trials about the event on 19 December and my criminal case in particular show the fear of the authorities prior to inevitable changes,” declared Andrei Sannikov, appearing in the Partizanskii District Court of Minsk for his final speech.

He stressed that he regarded the criminal case as “a political reprisal against me as a presidential candidate, who was able to build a strong team of professionals; I announced my readiness to take responsibility for running the country.”

“I was and remain a supporter of active steps to change the government, but (also) a supporter of an absolutely non-violent actions,” he said.