His place is here! (Photos)

The residents of Rechitsa have told Belarusians where they would like to see Alksandr Lukashenko.

Over 16 years of the Belarusian dictator’s leadership:

– he changed the Constitution to suit himself

– secured a permanent presidency for himself

– stole billions of dollars for himself and his family

– took out credit for 28.5 billion dollars and cannot pay for it

– is selling our companies to somehow pay for the loans which he took out

– damaged relations with all civilized nations

– is giving orders to beat and imprison all those discontented with the regime

– does not take any notice of the opinion of the people and represses it with batons and prisons

– arranged “Bloody Sunday” on 19 December 2010 and gave orders to beat and maim women and the elderly

– Hid the presidential candidates in a KGB detention center, where they were tortured.