Statement of the civil campaign “European Belarus”

What the Belarusian authorities are now trying to do with the coordinator of the civil campaign "European Belarus", Zmitser Bandarenka, can be named in one word - torture.

The enforced operation, which is due to take place on 26 July, is an absolute act of violence against one of the leaders of the democratic opposition of Belarus. The results of this operation are unpredictable, and Zmitser faces the risk of becoming disabled. The refusal of an independent consulation, the compulsory deadlines for a very complex operation, the denial of rehabilitation: these represent a return to the repressive political medicine of the Soviet Union era.

The main objective of the regime is not just vengeance, on Zmitser Bandarenka for example, but also the intimidation of other democratic activists. The Belarusian authorities are trying to apply the most brutal and inhuman methods against its opponents. The modern inquisitors are stopping at nothing in order to preserve the medieval regime in Central Europe.

The civil campaign “European Belarus” turns to the Belarusian and international democratic community, politicians, those working in culture and science, and people who simply care about this issue, with a request to support Dmitry Bondarenko. Now it is necessary to hold rallies near Belarusian embassies and consulates, to appeal to human rights organizations and the governments of democratic countries, and to report the information that opponents of the regime are tortured and crippled in Belarusian jails.

Now more than ever we need your solidarity.

This solidarity is needed for all of Belarus, which is struggling with the last tyranny in Europe.