Sannikov has been transferred to a different prison

The presidential candidate has been moved from the prison in Novopolotsk to Bobruisk Prison No. 2.

Irina Khalip, the wife of the politiican, has reported this fact to Today she received an urgent telegram about the transfer of Andrei Sannikov to another prison.

In the opinion of the wife of political prisoner, the transfer to another colony is an attempt to put pressure on Andrei Sannikov. In Novopolotsk colony he was held in esteem among the prisoners, and the administration refused to “pressurise” him.

“I assume that the administration of the prison at Novopolotsk refused to ‘pressurise’ Andrei about a pardon; they haven’t even approached him about it at any time. Perhaps those at Bobruisk proved to be more compliant,” Irina Khalip reckons.

“This shows that nobody is planning to free Andrei Sannikov, and all those promises are no more than another attempt to mislead the whole world. If they were planning to release the presidential candidates, no one would have transferred him to another colony,” the wife of the politician declared to the site

“Lukashenko is afraid of his opponents: not only those at liberty, but even in prison,” concludes Irina.