Sannikov has been transferred from Mogilyov prison

The presidential candidate, Andrei Sannikov, has been transferred from Mogilyov prison № 4 to an unknown location.

This fact has been communicated by an officer on duty. On the telephone he informed “Radio Liberty” that there was no such prisoner in the jail. On the question of where Andrei Sannikov had been transferred – the policeman did not say.

At a meeting on 27 September, the prison governor, Aleksandr Lomoza, told reporters that Sannikov’s transfer could take place before the end of this week. The next place of imprisonment, according to the prison governor, was to be Bobruisk, as written in the transportation letter.

The fact that Andrei Sannikov was in Mogilyov prison No. 4 became known on 26 September. During this time the imprisoned politician met twice with a lawyer. He had been transferred to Mogilyov prison from Novopolotsk penal colony.

Taking account of the numerous threats to his life and health, Andrei Sannikov refused to be transferred until he receives credible assurances about his safety and threats to his life and health have been removed; such threats were artificially created by the Department for Administrating Punishments and by the administration of detention centre No. 2 of Vitebsk and Mogilyov prison No. 4.

Let us remind you that the wife of Andrei Sannikov, Irina Khalip, said at a press conference in Minsk that the transfer of the presidential candidate from Novopolotsk prison to Bobruisk has already taken nearly two weeks. Andrei Sannikov is under pressure. They are threatening to kill him while in transit, as well as directly in Bobruisk prison. Obviously, the goal of such pressure is to make the political prisoner write a request for clemency.

On 13 May the presidential candidate, Andrei Sannikov, was sentenced to 5 years in a “strict regime” prison.