Sannikov is in prison on Sikorski Street

The presidential candidate has been visited by his lawyer at the penal colony in Bobruisk .

As the political prisoner’s wife, Irina Khalip, has informed the site, Andrei Sannikov was placed in solitary confinement on arrival in the colony .

“The detention of Andrei could be classified as a punishment-type cell. But he did not complain about the conditions. Of course, it is very hard for him, but he is holding on. I can tell you the new address for Andrei’s letters: 213800, Bobruisk, Sikorski Street 1, IR-2, “Quarantine” Section, Sannikov A.O. In anticipating that the weather will turn colder, he has been given a padded jacket and a winter hat. Obviously, the authorities reckon that Andrei will remain in the prison for a long time…,” said Irina Khalip.

The irony of the situation lies in the name of the street where the colony is situated, and where Andrei Sannikov is serving his sentence: the Polish Minister of Foreign Affairs, Radoslaw Sikorski, in an exclusive interview with the site, firmly stated that the EU demands the immediate release of all political prisoners and their rehabilitation. However, the presidential candidates continue to languish in jails.