Andrei Sannikov: I admire and thank those who are going to the Square

The candidate for the presidency is grateful to the heroic people who are going out to rallies of solidarity for political prisoners.

Andrei Sannikov has written about this in a letter from Bobruisk prison No. 2.

“The solidarity rallies on October Square have made a huge emotional impression on me. People actually voluntarily go to face the truncheon and to prisons, but this is the only way it is possible to defend, above all, one’s dignity and to win freedom. I, like all other political prisoners, admire and thank those lads who are going to the Square, and the whole of Belarus should be grateful to them.

Of course, it is a pity to cast one’s dignity and honour under the truncheon, especially now when the Government is in hysterics. Perhaps it would make sense to wait for the hysterics to end. In the very end, we are smarter than they are, and we can carry out acts of protest in other forms, no less noticeable and no less effective. The main thing here is not even the release of political prisoners, but one’s personal honour and dignity, one’s own country. This must become a universal task,” declared the political prisoner.

The address for letters to Andrei Sannikov: 213800, Mogilyov Region, Bobruisk, IK-2, Section 19, PKT, Cell 35