European marathon of solidarity

On the eve of the anniversary of a tragic day for Belarus, the day of the falsified elections - 19 December 2010 - Belarusians in Europe are preparing a number of activities to draw attention to the fate of totalitarian Belarus and the Belarusians who live there.


10.12.2011, in Belarusian House from 12:00, people will be writing letters of solidarity to political prisoners (Warsaw, Ulica Wiejska 13-3)

11.12.2011 at 18:00, a showing of the film “Belarusian Dream” at the cinema “Muranova”

12.12.2011-16.12.2011, in front of the Belarusian Embassy, there will be a street photo exhibition about the events of 19 December 2010 (Warsaw, Ulica Wiertnica, 58)

15.12.2011, there will be a meeting in the parliament of Polish deputies with representatives of Belarusian political and social organizations (Warsaw, Ulica Wiejska, 4-6-8)

16.12.2011, in the Polish Press Club, there will be an announcement of the world politicians who this year have shown the greatest support for Belarusian democracy (Warsaw, Krakowskie Przedmiescie 64)

19.12.2011, there will be two street acts of solidarity: in front of the Embassy of Belarus at 12:00, and in the evening at Castle Square in Warsaw.


09.12.2011, in the Lithuanian Parliament there will be a round table “Eastern Partnership Program – Belarus” and also a showing of the documentary film “Belarusian Dream”

17.12.2011, at 12:30, in the cinema “PASAKA” there will be a showing of the film “Belarusian Dream”

19.12.2011, from 10:00 to 12:00, the Civil and Political Representation of Belarus in Lithuania (HUB) will organize a rally of solidarity at the address: Vilnius, Vinco Kudirkas Square.


10.12.2011 at 11:00, a service of prayer for all Ukrainian and Belarusian political prisoners in St Michael’s Cathedral in Kiev.

11.12.2011, youth action at 15:00, St. Michael’s Square.

12.12.2011, press conference in UNIAN, (at 13:30, Stanislay Shushkevich, Raman Bezsmertny and Vyachaslau Siuchyk)

13.12.2011, showing of the film “Belarusian Dream” (“Biloruska Mriya” dir. Kibalchych Catherine, 2011), (15:00 in the capital cinema building (blue room) str. Saksaganskogo, 6.)

14.12.2011, Presley Club: Topic: “The image of Belarus in the Ukrainian media through the eyes of Belarusians themselves.” (At 16:30, Mogilyanska School of Journalism, st. Voloska, 8-5, Bldg. 4, Room 401, 4-second floor)

15.12.2011, a round table “Writers against repression in Belarus” (at 14:00, the National Union of Writers of Ukraine, str. Bankova, 2)

16.12.2011, showing of the film “Murder on the eve of Spring” (dir. Volga Mikolajczyk, Bramafilm, 2010) (at 19:00, the central office of the People’s Movement of Ukraine, str. O. Gonchar, 33)

17.12.2011, meeting of the committee to release political prisoners: Topic: “Belarusian-Ukrainian cooperation” (at 11:00, str. Ivana Mazepa, 6-4)

18.12.2011, talk by Belarusian bard A. Kasmovich (at 16:00, cafe ” Cupid “)

19.12.2011, picket of the Russian Embassy at 17:00 (Embassy of Russia in Ukraine, 03 049, Ukraine, Kiev, Povitroflotskii avenue, 27) “Hands off Belarus!”, also at the Belarusian Embassy at 19:00 (Embassy of the Republic of Belarus, Ukraine, 01901, Ukraine, Kiev, str. Kotsyubinskii, 3) – “Freedom for political prisoners!”


13.12.2011, in the British Parliament a parliamentary group on Belarus will be set up, as well as a video presentation of Matthew Charles on the events of this year in Belarus.

19.12.2011, in the Serpentine Gallery at 15:00, famous English actors will read out stories that were written by Andrei Sannikov while behind bars to his son Danko. Later, at 16:30 a street rally of solidarity will be held outside the Belarusian Embassy.


19.12.2011, a showing of the film “Belarusian Dream” (Arie Biemondstraat 111, NL-1054 PD Amsterdam).

The Hague:

16.12.2011, act of solidarity

19.12.2011, acts of solidarity will also be held in Paris, Prague and Tallinn.

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