Penalty Battles for Lukashists

Not only the dictator will be judged, but the regime, which means specific names.

The Hague is getting closer for Lukashenka. After the International Accountability Platform for Belarus, supported by the European Union, was created for Belarus, the preparation of the trial against Lukashenka moved into a practical plane.

Reputable human rights organizations from Denmark and the UK involved in investigating cases of torture have joined the platform, and the governments of these countries have allocated funding for the international investigation of crimes. Germany also contributed its share.

This platform was immediately supported by the governments of Germany, Austria, Belgium, Great Britain, Denmark, Iceland, Canada, USA, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Finland, Czech Republic, Switzerland, and Estonia.

In general, the mechanism has been created, funds have been allocated, the systematization of the evidence base begins.

Only now, not only Lukashenka will be judged, but the regime, which means specific names.

Lukashenka himself knows this well and is extremely concerned that the lists of the accused include as many such names as possible.

Dictators are cowards by nature who only pretend to be cool.

All the “coolness” of Lukashenka got off him at the very first trip to the real people, not invented by the “massandras.” Seeing the real workers at the MZKT, who shouted to his face “Go away!”, he was frightened forever, for the rest of his life.

All his further hysterics, collective farm performances with “tsikhary” depicting a jubilant 3 percent, and attempts to threaten to play with a flabby face are a consequence of that very fear.

And yet all the “cool” dictators are recognized snitches. They are well aware of their closest associates, they know that even their closest relatives have prepared deadly compromising evidence for international and also for internal trials. It is no longer possible to avoid those evidence, so the dictator’s task is to make get involved and “pawn” as many of his accomplices as possible.

Lukashenka has been actively involved in this since the very first days of the protests.

The frightened dictator, literally a week after the start of thousands of protests in Belarus, awarded 300 people from the cop system for exemplary service. It seems that he did not reward loyalty to his beloved persona of himself but leaked information about who participated in punitive operations. By the way, this decree with the names is still hanging on the official websites of the regime.

Then he began to be photographed with those who stood out during the dispersal of civilians. With the very ones who, beating old people in the streets, were afraid not only to show their faces but their eyes. A sort of mummies, bandaged from head to toe, ran through the streets.

It is them that Lukashenka photographs for all to see, and in one of the pictures, he also showed the “Berkut fighter,” thus, a double offender, noted both in Ukraine and in Belarus.

And he also shuffles the security forces at an unprecedented speed. Out of suspicion, out of fear of a conspiracy? Yes, but not only: he wants to expose them as much as possible.

Who would have known the current cop bosses in their previous positions? Maybe they would have been passed by anonymously, at least as performers and not the leaders of criminal gangs. But the owner does not allow it.

Therefore – welcome to the European and American sanctions lists.

Only these sanctions lists, after what was discussed at the beginning, are already becoming lists of those accused of crimes against humanity. And that’s another matter entirely.

One can scoff at the “stupid” Europe which imposes restrictions on the foreign voyages of punishers, but the transfer of failed tourists to the category of accused is already serious. This is already for a long time, and for some – forever. And for some, it will extend to their families.

The persons involved in these lists, which the main snitch in Belarus, Lukashenka, so zealously supplements, for some reason do not think that they are carrying out criminal orders. They do not think that they are participating in the punitive actions of the illegal occupation authorities. Apparently, they do not think that they are the most real criminals who will be judged according to the law that does not depend on the whim of the dictator.

But there is a way out if you include a minimum of logic on a sober head.

The lists of the accused security officials are a kind of a penal battalion of people who have violated the law, who can give themselves a chance to rehabilitate themselves.

In the last war, which is all too well remembered in Belarus, some criminals were given a chance to correct their lives. And they used this chance, fighting the invaders. Today, films and popular TV series are made about them, and adventure novels are written.

The banality of evil spreading in Belarus can be defeated, and it’s not even so difficult. For this, it is enough for those who remained in the service of the dictatorship to stop obeying criminal orders, turn on their brains, and think about their families, who still have them.

Andrei Sannikau, Facebook