Opposition activist arrested for 15 days for action in support of Tibet in Minsk

Paval Kuryanovich, activist of the civil campaign “European Belarus”, was arrested for 15 days for participation in the action of solidarity with Tibetan people struggling for independence from China.

Natallya Skuharova, judge of the court of the Savetski district of Minsk, found Paval Kuryanovich guilty of “participation in the unauthorised event” and sentenced him to 15 days of arrest. The witnesses at the trial were militiamen Savich and Laptsevich.

The action of solidarity with Tibetan people took place in Minsk on 17 March. Activists of the campaign “Jeans – for Freedom” organised it near the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China.

The activists unfurled a banner “Free Tibet!” and hoisted two flags – a Belarusian one and a Tibetan one. During 10 minutes of the action, in spite of attempts of militia to stop the action, staff of the embassy could hear slogans: “Freedom for Tibet!”, “China, stop terror!”, “Stop massacre of civilians!”, “Free Tibet, no repressions!”

Activists of the campaign Palina Dzyakava and Paval Kuryanovich were detained. Minor Palina Dzyakava was released from the militia department yesterday.