Statement of civil campaign European Belarus

In spite of all assurances of the authorities to carry out fair election, another electoral farce was held in Belarus. Democratic candidates, members of their initiative teams, activists of civil campaigns felt constant pressure and repressions during the election campaign.

More that 100 facts of repressions against activists of the campaign “Boycott-2008” have been recorded by human rights service of the “European Belarus” since the beginning of the election campaign, June 10, 2008. Violations of human rights of democratic activists were recorded daily in Belarus. Main instruments of pressing were detentions, beating, fines, unlawful administrative arrests, expelling from education institutions, firing.

The authorities also hindered pro-opposition and independent candidates and their supporters, as well as activists of civil campaigns in distributing information.

Representatives of the democratic forces were denied access to polling station election commissions in order for the authorities to have the conditions for rigging the election results.

Independent observers recorded facts of ballot boxes opening and ballot stuffing, as well as other violations, which have direct impact on voting results. The number of voters in constituencies was a secret for candidates.

The “European Belarus” says in view of the held “election”:

– no positive changes in the process of election campaign, voting and votes counting were noticed during the election campaign;

– the election for the “house of representatives” wasn’t free, transparent, and democratic;

– loyal to the regime officials, who are not elected representatives of the Belarusian people, were appointed to the “house of representatives“ again. Recognition of this falsified election by international organisations and European institutions is out of the question.

The international community should support demands of Belarusian democratic forces to hold new free election. Election but not falsification can become a foundation for development of relations with Belarus.

Zmitser Dashkevich

Viktar Ivashkevich

Mikhail Marynich

Andrei Sannikov