Vice chairman of Council of Europe Parliamentary Assembly wasn’t allowed in Belarus

Kristiina Ojuland, vice speaker of the Estonian Parliament, vice chairperson of the Council of Europe Parliamentary Assembly (PACE), who planned to visit Belarus on October 9–10, was denied a visa.

The Belarusian regime showed again that a desire to improve relations with the Western countries were just words that shouldn’t be taken seriously, Kristiina Ojuland said.

Ms Ojuland planned to meet with representatives of some opposition movements during her visit. In her view, she was denied visa due to this reason, reports.

Kristiina Ojuland has been in politics for 16 years. She has never been denied visas for this time.

It is remarkable that OSCE Chairman-in-Office, Foreign Minister of Finland Alexander Stubb, saw some “positive changes” in Belarus, in spite of the rigged “parliamentary elections”, but PACE vice chairperson wasn’t allowed in the country.