Paval Kuryanovich under threat of urgent drafting

Paval Kuryanovich, activist of the civil campaign “European Belarus”, is threatened he may be lose his deterrence and drafted into the army.

On December 30, at 7 in the morning, militiamen came to Paval Kuryanovich’s apartment and was taken to the district militia department, where he was warned about administrative responsibility on article 23.34 if he organizes a street action at New Year’s Eve. After that militiamen guarded the young man to the military enlistment office,” reports.

“The medical commission in the military enlistment office said according to new data, my student deferment expired in 2013 nay be cancelled. I have heart problems, and I was sent to a cardiologist, and then issue on my drafting into army will be settled,” Paval Kuryanovich told.

It is not the first case when military service deferments were cancelled for youth democratic activists, namely activist of “The Youth of BPF” Zmitser Zhaleznichenka, expelled from university, was called up lat January in Homel; the same happened in Minsk to Ales Kalita, head of the organization. Franak, son of deputy head of the BPF party Vintsuk Vyachorka, is also drafted.

18-year old Ivan Shyla can face army service, too. He didn’t enter a university because he had been unlawfully expelled from school before the last final exam.