Belarusian tanks in Prague

Mikalai Khalezin called invitation of Alyaksandr Lukashenka to Prague betrayal of ideals of freedom and democracy.

Mikalai Khalezin, famous Belarusian playwright and head of the Free Theatre, commented on the decision of the EU foreign ministers in his blog:

– Well, Lukashenka is going to Prague for the Eastern Partnership summit.

In December last year, we met with Vaclav Havel at his place. We were talking that we couldn’t allow Alyaksandr Lukashenka to come to the Czech capital. We were talking about the Prague Spring; about dissidents, whose lives were ruined in prisons and mental hospitals; about new European politicians, who are ready to betray the democratic ideals for the sake of ephemeral “political stability”; about cynical new-European “political purposefulness”, ruining both will and reason.

We have recently had another conversation with Havel at the summit Forum for Creative Europe in Prague. He said: “you must be in Prague in May. I expect you to come. It’s not important whether Lukashenka will be present here or not.” We spoke what we should do and how we should behave in a situation of total betrayal of democratic ideals by European officials… This betrayal has happened, but we will be ourselves, we continue defending our views consistently…

Our friend, an influential person in the Czech political environment, said: “You can solve more problems than the people considering themselves politicians. Do it and you will help us to feel we are different.” Prague is ready to explain the last dictatorship how he should behave in the modern world. We are ready. And you, “the last”, are you ready? Well, then let’s try one another…