Radoslaw Sikorski about “death squads” in Belarus

Todays Minister of foreign affairs of Poland condemned "death squads” in Belarus.

“What is most worrisome of all is the operation of the death squads. Lukashenko uses them on his political opponents…The problem with the death squads is that once they are created, they are very difficult to decommission. They don’t disappear, they grow and look for new victims,” said Radoslaw Sikorski in interviews to the «Belarusian Review» in 2004.

Recently secret service officers abducted youth leaders Zmitser Dashkevich, and Artur Finkevich, an activist of “European Belarus” civil campaign Uladzimir Lemesh and Yauhien Afnagel. In all the cases the activists were abducted by unknown people in plainclothes, who however had police walkie-talkies. The young people were taken to the forest, threatened and demanded to stop political activities. Then the activists were taken away from Minsk for dozens of kilometers.

Earlier activists of “Young Front” Nasta Palazhanka and Dzyanis Karnou were kidnapped and taken out of the city. Despite of the fact that the young people applied the prosecutor’s office and even recognized one of the abductor on a photo from a newspaper (he was the commander of “Almaz” special squad Alyaksandr Leanenka), the authorities in fact deny to carry put investigation of the abductions.