Andrei Sannikov’s laptop seized at border

Andrei Sannikov, a coordinator of the civil initiative European Belarus, and his wife Iryna Khalip, a well-known journalist, were detained on the Belarusian-Lithuanian border on March 5.

Andrei Sannikov, Iryna Khalip and their two-year old son were detained at the check point Kamenny Loh, when they showed their passports to cross the border. Belarusian border guards ordered the opposition leader and journalist to wait. They didn’t allow them to go out of the car for three hours. The couple wasn’t even permitted to take their son to a WC.

One and a half hour later, Sannikov’s car was searched by customs officers, who said they were looking for data storage devices. As a result, they seized a laptop. Customs officers said they needed to send it to Minsk for examination.

We remind that Andrei Sannikov and Iryna Khalip have recently been called for questioning in the Partyzanski district militia department of Minsk. Militiamen were interested if they were coordinators of the website