On March 16, Police burst in Charter’97 website’s press-room. Computers seized. Editor of site beaten.

Policemen and people in mufti have burst in the office rented by journalist Natalya Radzina, justifying that by the fact that they are carrying out operative work in the case on the suit of some criminal.

At the moment the search is held in the office. Policemen state that the search is held in the framework of a criminal case. Policemen seized the computers and other office equipment. Editor of site beaten during the search. A policemen hit her face as she asked his ID. All the people, who were in the office are detained.

Besides, now policemen entered the flat of the leader of “European Belarus” civil campaign Andrei Sannikov and his wife, a popular journalist Iryna Khalip. The search is carried out in their apartment. The phones of Andrei Sannikov and his wife are not responding.
Before the phone was switched off Andrei Sannikov managed to say that these events are connected with his recent statement about intention to participate in forthcoming presidential elections as a candidate.