British Press: Twitter and revolutions which change the world

In the editorial office of the ‘Sunday Times’ they believe that in a world where citizens have access to information, authoritarian rulers have less chances to stay in power.

“The world watched on television how the protests in Takhrir Square gained strength,” the newspaper writes. “Via Twitter, Facebook, and traditional news reports, we learned what was happening at the scene. However, this was more than just simply technology, allowing one to observe major world events.”

In the view of the newspaper, the changes in Egypt occurred precisely because of “the free flow of information and opinion.”

“The old order is changing. Dictators have to fear not only broken windows and Molotov cocktails, but the crowds, endowed with knowledge and situated in contact with each other,” writes the ‘Sunday Times’.

(Note to readers: this is a translation of the Russian text on this site, not the exact words from the “Sunday Times”)