The statement of civil campaign “European Belarus”

The trial of Andrey Sannikov’s Press Secretary Alexander Otroshchenko will take place on the 1st of March.Alexander has also been a Press Secretary of civil campaign " European Belarus" since 2008.

During this time Alexander has proved himself as a competent, responsible journalist, the true professional. For his journalistic activity Alexander was repeatedly exposed to reprisals from the belarussian authorities. On December, the 19th he was on the Independence Square performing his professional and civic duties. His main aim was to report an undistorted, truthful information about the events on the Square both to the belarussian and the world community.

We consider that, the Alexander Otroshchenkov’s trial is not only an attempt to wipe out a civil society in the country but also the purposeful obstruction of freedom of speech in Belarus.

We demand immediate and unconditional release of the journalist who was pronounced a prisoner of conscience by Amnesty International. We also demand unconditional release of all the prisoners detained in relation to the so-called “case of mass riots on December, the19th”.