The Press Secretary of ‘European Belarus’: ” I beg you, be strong and courageous”

On the eve of the trial of the press secretary of the civil campaign "European Belarus", Alexander Atroshchenkov, his relatives received a letter from him.

Alexander Atroshchankov was arrested on the night of 19th to 20th December, together with hundreds of citizens of Belarus, and was put in the KGB jail. For being present at the act of protest against the falsified results of the presidential elections, he was charged under Article 293 of the Criminal Code (organization and participation in the “riots”) – along with presidential candidates, their members of staff and other journalists. The journalist, who was carrying out his professional role on the Square, has been accused of involvement in the so-called riots …

Today the wife, Darya Korsak, of this political prisoner received a letter from her husband. Darya has provided excerpts of the letter to

“Hello, dear Dasha!

Today I was pleased to receive a letter from my parents and, of course, your letter. In general, the situation has improved markedly concerning letters. I do not know about my letters, but I am now getting yours much more frequently. However, I will not say that I write a lot of letters. Rather, I don’t write many. You yourself know who lives a long time – and they have reason and grounds for thinking that (meaning the phrase “the paranoid live long” – note of In general, today is a day full of events for our “retirement” measurements: I received the package, I received the tablets which you sent me earlier and I received your letter and that from my parents; and I learned that the date for the trial has been set.

Dasha, this is very important. Well done, especially you. I can imagine how you found it difficult all this time. But it is necessary to understand that the outcome of the court, too, will not be such as will suit us all. In other words, we should be prepared for the worst. Although things will in any case become more clear.

In this regard, I want to ask you all to be strong and brave, no tears and fainting spells, no action and, of course, no statements. With this, we will reckon the practical part of the letter to be concluded.

Well, in general, I’m all right. Healthy and well fed. (…) Pass on my greetings to everyone. I really do mean almost all acquaintances; well, you yourself know, to whom especially. (…)

Okay, I’ll finish the letter. We’ll see each other on 1st…(Note to readers – i.e. in court)

Your husband”

In the letter, the journalist is preparing for the worst: he gives directions to his brothers…