The release of political prisoners is demanded in Warsaw (Photos)

On 1 March, the day of the beginning of the trial of the press secretary of the civil campaign "European Belarus", Alexander Otroshchenkov, there was an act of solidarity with political prisoners in central Warsaw.

People held portraits of Alexander Otroshchenkov and other political prisoners in their hands, as well as posters demanding their release.

The protest action was held in Warsaw and aroused active interest and sympathy among ordinary residents of the city.

“After the peaceful demonstration on 19 December, 2010, there are dozens of people in Belarusian prisons, whom are threatened with long prison sentences – simply because of their attitude and views. Amongst them is the journalist and spokesman of the civil campaign “European Belarus”, Alexander Ostroshchenkov, against whom a court case was started today. We demand the restoration of the rule of law in Belarus and the release of all political prisoners!” declared one of the participants in the protest.