Andrei Sannikov is 57 years old. “Our faith, hope and love are with you”

The leader of the civil campaign "European Belarus" and Belarusian presidential candidate, Andrei Sannikov, was 57 years of age on 8 March. For the past two and a half months he has been in a KGB jail.

On the eve of his birthday, the mother of the political prisoner, Alla Vladimirovna Sannikova sent her son in the KGB jail a telegram with the following text:

“Andrei, my dear,

Happy Birthday! I wish you health and strength of spirit. Our faith, hope and love are with you. Hold on!

Lots of love,


“I would have said a lot more to him, everything that I am thinking right now, that I want him to remain steadfast in all these trials. I would have said that which one can say only when looking into the eyes of a son….that I am really worried and concerned about him, but I believe that our day will come,” said Alla Vladimirovna Sannikova in an interview for the site “”.

Wife of Andrei Sannikov, Khalip, has been under house arrest and cannot send a telegram to her husband. Her parents did this today for her.

“They sent a telegram today; they were working on the text for a long time so as not to embarrass those who will read it to Andrei. Little Daniel was very excited about this. He said that he is expecting that on this day his daddy will return; and then he will call a taxi and take all of us are lucky to a glass house with a lift (Daniel loves to ride in lifts) … We wrote to Andrei that we all love him very much, and that not only we, but everyone else joins in this greeting. We said that we are all remembering him and that we hope that this will be the last birthday when we are not together. We wish him to keep faith, to hope, to take care of himself and to wait.

We are all preparing to celebrate Andrei’s birthday, and want to spend the day so that Andrei might intuitively feel that we are close, that this diabolical venture of the authorities will fail, and that he will be free.

Evil will not triumph. These people in power went too far; even though they have not yet understood, everyone else has understood. They crossed the line, and that is not allowed. Apart from that, the end is coming. The events of 19 December were the “execution” of the regime. It’s the end for them. And no matter how much they may resist it, the end is unavoidable. To return to the former state of affairs is impossible; nobody will help them; they will remain scum,” said Vladimir Khalip.