Viktor Ivashkevich and Ivan Shilo should be released today

Viktor Ivashkevich was arrested on Freedom Day in Minsk and sentenced for alleged hooliganism. Ivan Shilo was convicted for an act of solidarity with Dmitrii Dashkevich and Edward Lobov.

Politician Viktor Ivashkevich , together with Young Front activist Nikolai Demidenko and Belarusian Christian Democrat activist Irina Gubskaya were arrested on Freedom Day in Minsk. The court found Ivashkevich guilty of hooliganism, which allegedly manifested itself by swearing in the street, and he was sentenced to 10 days in jail. Irina Gubskaya got three days and Nikolai Demidenko fifteen days.

The members of the “Young Front”, Ivan Shilo and Grigorii Ostapenya were detained near the court building during the rally of solidarity with Dashkevich and Lobov. The activists of “YF” had unfurled a banner with the words “Hands off the Young Front.” Shilo got 13 ​​days and Ostapenya got 10, for participation in an unsanctioned event