Raid on the flat of Aleksandr Volontsevich, an activist of “European Belarus”

At the moment, a search is being made in the flat of an activist of the civil campaign "European Belarus", Aleksandr Volontsevich.

The press service of “European Belarus” reported that the activist of the campaign, Andrei Molchan, had been previously detained and then released from the Moscow District Police Department, after the drawing up of a protocol of the interrogation concerning setting fire to a court building.

After the activist was released from the police station, he went to the home of Aleksandr Volontsevich, but the door was opened by people in plain clothes and by force they pulled Andrei into the flat.

The flat has been opened without the presence of the owner; there, everything had been scattered around, a search had taken place and items were strewn in disarray. Andrei counted six people in the flat. Two of them, according to the activist, were from the KGB.

Having dragged the activist into the flat, they began to ask where Aleksandr was. Furthermore, they behaved arrogantly and rudely, they insulted him, searched him and seized his passport and phone, but Andrei managed to turn it off. The people in plain clothes issued threats and said they would put him in the boot (of their car) and take him somewhere where they would get the necessary confession from him.