The authorities do not intend to stop there. It is known that officers of the secret service have a list of tens of names of “European Belarus” activists, who are suspected of involvement in the “arson” of the House of Justice . The authorities are once

A search has been made of the home of Vladimir Lemesh, an activist of "European Belarus" and personal aide of Andrei Sannikov. "After the 'bandit raids' started on our activists, over the last few few days I have not slept at home, and this morning I asked a friend to pick up my things, but he told me that the glass on the front doors has been broken and the door of the flat is closed off," said Vladimir Lemesh in an interview with this site.

As was the case with Aleksandr Volontsevich, the search was conducted in the absence of the owners. Vladimir just sometimes slept at this flat, which friends had

We remind you that over the past few days have been detained Andrei Molchan, Danil Goncharov, Bajin Andrei and Oleg Rogovskii, activists of “European Belarus”. Their flats have been searched, computer equipment has been seized and they were interrogated in the Moscow District Police Department of Minsk about setting fire to a court building.