“European Belarus”: Stop waging war on your own people!

Recently, the authorities have stepped up the repression of the opposition. Searches and interrogations have taken place of "European Belarus" activists Andrei Bajin, Aleksandr Volontsevich, Danil Goncharov, Aleksandr Kudlaev, Vladimir Lemesh, Andrei Molchan and Oleg Rogowskii, and also of members of other youth movements and organisations.

The authorities do not intend to stop there. It is known that officers of the secret service have a list of tens of names of “European Belarus” activists, who are suspected of involvement in the “arson” of the House of Justice
The authorities are once again trying to accuse the opposition of radicalism. Under the pretext of conducting an investigation, young activists have been harassed and detained; computers and data storage devices have been taken away from them; their families and friends are being terrorised. It is obvious that the dictator reckons that after the bloody crackdown on the protest of 19 December and the arrests and judicial reprisals which followed, the opposition would disappear; this did not happen. Street protests and the struggle for the liberation of political prisoners continues. That is why the provocation carried out near the House of Justice is being used to neutralize the most active part of the opposition.

“European Belarus” has always adhered to peaceful methods of struggle. We condemn the use of violence in any form and urge the Government to stop waging war against its own people. Instead of searching for internal and external enemies, which is what always happens when a dictator starts to have problems, it is essential to seek recovery from the economic and political crisis.