The Lithuanian Parliament will discuss the threat of a Belarusian atomic power station

At an international conference, which will begin work in the Lithuanian capital Vilnius tomorrow, there will be a discussion of the problems related with the construction of a nuclear power station, in the conditions of the political, economic and social crisis in the Republic of Belarus.

Experts in the field of nuclear energy from Belarus, Ukraine, Russia and Lithuania, representatives of public organizations and ambassadors accredited in Lithuania will take part.

The emphasis of the conference will be upon ​​the threats which the Belarusian nuclear power plant, in Baltic Sea region, will pose. The conference will be opened by first leader of independent Belarus, a candidate for the Nobel Prize, Stanislav Shushkevich.

Representatives of the civil campaigns “European Belarus” and “Tell the truth”, experts, human rights activists and members of the Lithuanian Parliament will take part in the work of the international forum. From the organizers of the conference, one speech will be given: the Chairman of the Parliamentary Commission on Atomic Energy, Rokas Zilinskas, will talk about the vision of the situation from the Lithuanian side.