Day of Solidarity in Warsaw

Today in the centre of Warsaw the activists of "The European Belarus" organized a rally of solidarity to support Belarusian political prisoners. The activists of "The Belarusian Christian Democracy", "The Union for Democratic Belarus" and Belarusians living in Warsaw also took part in the campaign. The first leader of independent Belarus Stanislav S. Shushkevich also was involved in the action.

The action itself took place near the main entrance to the University of Warsaw. The participants were holding the portraits of the political prisoners, and a banner with the requirement to stop terror against the civil population of the republic.
During the campaign also the performance was being held: the activists with their mouths taped were standing holding the banner. Besides, the portraits of the prisoners of the Lukashenko regime were sticken to the participants’ chests to symbolize terror against democratic activists who are calling the society for strugglling in order to release the victims of the Belarusian dictator.

“Today being the head of the European Union Poland has a unique chance to influence the last dictator in Europe. The Belarusians are hoping for Poland’s leadership and awaiting more decisive steps in the issue of the release of the prisoners of tyranny”, said Dmitry Barodka – the coordinator of the civil campaign “European Belarus “.