The organizers of silent protests revert to the old format – October Square

Today it was reported on "VKontakte" by the community "Revolution through the social network" that the next action will take place on 20 July on October Square.

To settle the question concerning the next protest to be held, a questionnaire had been carried out.

37% of those questioned expressed clear preference for October Square – this was the top result. This was followed by the option of walks on Independence Avenue (19%), Railway Station Square (9%), the National Library and city parks (6%).

It was exactly from October Square that the silent protests began, but after the authorities began to use force, the organisers started looking for other options. People gathered on Railway Station Square and central points of the district; they walked along the Avenue. However, the biggest protest remains that on 22 June at October Square.

In the regions, protests will also be held on the central squares of towns. Last time, the organisers were looking for other locations.