Dmitrii Bondarenko is to remain at Hospital No. 5 in Minsk

As reported by the wife of the political prisoner, he will undergo rehabilitation there (in hospital).

Since the operation, which was carried out at the end of July, Olga Bondarenko has seen her husband only once. But she says she will try to get another meeting with her husband, according to “Euroradio”.

Olga Bondarenko: “For the moment he is lying in the same public hospital as where the operation was carried out. Doctors say that the recovery process is so long that it is difficult to say anything (about his prospects). It is unlikely that he will remain a long time in a public hospital. And so people have already attempted to take him away. But the doctors simply insist on treatment in hospital.”

Let us remind you that Bondarenko was sentenced for the “case of 19 December” to 2 years of imprisonment. Behind bars, the politicians’s health sharply deteriorated, and he needed surgery on his spine.