Threats continue to be made to activists of “European Belarus”

Yesterday at about 20:30 a person called an activist of the civil campaign "European Belarus", Andrei Molchan, on his home phone. Posing as a policeman, he made threats and uttered obscene language, demanding that the activist appear at the police station.

The person who called, presenting himself as a policeman, without giving either his name or position, tried to invite Andrei for a discussion at the Pervomaiskii District Police Station of Minsk.

The activist responded to the policeman that he would only come if there were a written summons. The voice on the phone declared that under current law the police had the right to summon people by phone call. In response, Andrei said this was according to their law; in Belarusian legislation there was no such provision. After this man hung up.

A few minutes later there was another call. On lifting the receiver, Andrew heard the same voice. This time the man, who presented himself for the first time as policeman, in a rude tone said that Molchan had committed an administrative offence under Article 17.1 of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Belarus – by drinking alcohol …

Andrei replied that there had never been any such administrative violations, after which threats were made made by the policeman, which consisted in the fact that if Andrei did not appear within 30 minutes, things would be very bad for him and charges would be made. After these words, the police inspector hung up.