Dmitrii Bondarenko has been sent to prison in a serious state of health

On 31 August the coordinator of "European Belarus", Dmitrii Bondarenko, in a serious condition after surgery, was sent to serve his sentence in penal colony No. 15 in Mogilev.

Campaign coordinator Aleksandr Volontsevich has informed the site “” of this fact.

“Yesterday morning I was at Volodarskii Street prison; I was told that Dmitrii was still there. But today they said that he had already been sent (to prison) the previous day, but they did not say when. It turns out that he was taken after lunch. The lawyer was going to see him, but he did not have time,” said Aleksandr Volontsevich.

Let us remind you that the politician, after his arrest, was diagnosed with multiple disc herniations and entrapment of the spinal nerves. On 25 July, he was taken from the Republican Prison Hospital on Volodarskii Street to Hospital No. 5, where the following day he was operated on. On 17 August, Bondarenko was transferred from Clinical Hospital No. 5 in Minsk to the Republican Prison Hospital, which is located in the prison on Volodarskii Street.