Silent acts of protest will move from the Squares to the Avenues

The movement "Revolution through the social network," has announced the details of the first autumn campaign of silent protest.

The first such protest will take place on Wednesday 21 September. It is planned that on that day from 19:00 to 20:00 the central avenues of all major Belarusian cities should be full of “people who are walking peacefully and are not committing any illegal acts”.

One of the organizers of the protest, Vyachaslau Dziyanou, in an interview with UDF.BY said that “areas on the main avenues or streets will be selected; that is where protesters will be focused”.

“So this time a specific area is not being chosen, but several places on a main street.

More precise and detailed information about each city will be published on our pages on the internet a little later.

The proposal for such tactics for the event was announced quite a long time ago, even six weeks ago. We looked at where the protests were carried out before, and where the police would find it the most difficult to distinguish the participants from passers-by.

It was concluded that it would be precisely the hardest to detain people on the street, on pavements.

I believe that it is essential to carry out the protests. Now the situation is heating up. And no one, not one analyst, not one expert, can predict how many and what sort of people will come. No one can predict when this will spark will light up, when people will start coming out on a daily basis, without any organizers.

The people still have some patience, but Lukashenko has already passed all the possible limits, and sooner or later everything will collapse. As a catalyst for popular protest and dissent, we must carry out protests. If this doesn’t happen, then people will not have the enthusiasm and spark”.

It is already known that the protest in Minsk will be held on 21 September on Independence Avenue.