Sannikov and Dashkevich have changed places

It is possible that Andrei Sannikov may now be located in the Mogilyov detention center.

Irina Khalip, the wife of the presidential candidate, has been informed of this by the Punishment Department of the Ministry of Interior Affairs.

The politician’s lawyer has not yet been able to obtain official confirmation in the Mogilyov detention center.

As Irina Khalip told, all this time Andrei Olegovich was in Vitebsk central prison, although police officials claimed that the prisoner had already been transferred to Mogilyov (On 20 September Sannikov was no longer in Novopolotsk prison.)

The former political prisoner, Aleksandr Otroshchenkov, regards the conditions of detention in such institutions as torture: terrible overcrowding and unsanitary conditions, tuberculosis.

“I have been told terrible things about Vitebsk central prison. Even ordinary prisoners there are severely beaten for the slightest offence, or in order to force them to admit their guilt. The amount and sophistication of the resources for applying pressure and abuse can amaze the sickest imagination,” said Aleksandr Otroshchenkov.

“I can not take their words on trust, that he is indeed in Mogilyov. All this seems like blackmail and demonstrative cynicism,” said wife of the politician.

At the same time, according to unconfirmed information, the leader of “Young Front”, Dmitrii Dashkevich, was transferred from Mogilyov to to Vitebsk.